Heather McGregor


Heather McGregor, founder of Naturally Present

A Bit About Me

During our sessions I found myself sinking in and getting more in touch with what it was I REALLY wanted. All the fluff fell away. Heather's conversation has a way of bringing clarity into the blind spots that have been getting in the way.

Misha A.

Spiritual Success Coach, Breatharian Healer & Modern Shaman

Heather had no idea what we subject we were going to talk about but that didn’t even phase her. She asked great questions that got me thinking & gave me some exercises to do. I really liked how she was friendly & compassionate but still able to ask the questions that needed to be asked. I highly recommend Heather!!

Cathy M.

That Gut Chick & Zyia Activewear

I asked to do this with my partner as we are both on a spiritual journey at the moment with a big vision we are manifesting. Heather really got us digging deep and had us getting to the core of what’s truly important to us and why. She led us by asking powerful questions and leaving space for us to dig deeper inward.

Jenna F.

Confidence Cheerleader