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I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and service-based business owners to create their consistent desired income through their soul-led business.

Soul Life Laser Coach

Quantum Flow Method

Meditation & Breathwork

Author & Speaker

Welcome, to Naturally Present

I help coaches, service-based business owners and entrepreneurs to create their $5k-$10k++ and months through their soul-led business, and finally let go of the part-time job security blanket.


 If you've been struggling to do it by yourself, piecing it together with all the freebies and low-priced courses but aren't seeing the results, I can help you.


If you're feeling stuck but KNOW you are capable of so much more, and you're ready to let go of the job that takes time and energy away from your business, book your free InSight Call with me today.



  • Soul Life + Business Laser Coaching

    Through my CLAIM Program and laser coaching & strategy sessions, we dive deep to uncover what's truly blocking you from manifesting and rapidly shift core limiting beliefs and old identities that no longer serve you and develop your strategy to accelerate the manifestation of your vision.

  • Quantum Flow Method

    Quantum Flow is a simple yet profoundly deep practice - a fusion of ancestral techniques and cutting-edge science - that biohacks your whole system to achieve transformation in the fastest way possible. 

  • Meditation Coaching & Programs

    Personalized meditation instruction and coaching to help you go deeper and really tap into the core of your divine self beyond all thoughts, stories and identities. Both on and off the meditation cushion, learn to expand your power of observation and awareness as a lived experience.

We start with a complimentary Abundance Now Breakthrough Session where we'll explore where you are at right now, where you want to be and what a pathway forward could be to unlock your energy and move your vision forward right now.

What is Quantum Flow?

Quantum Flow is a powerful method that awakens and releases stuck energy, calms and realigns your nervous system, and guides you to burn down limiting beliefs and patterns as you align to discover and embody your highest potential and optimal flow.


Using breath, movement and the power of intention, this practice combines many different modalities to provide an incredibly deep experience that opens you to discover abundance in every area of life.

Heather McGregor, founder of Naturally Present

A Bit About Me

One of my greatest joys is that light-bulb moment when someone shifts a limiting belief into an expansion of what is possible - stepping more fully into the lived expression of their highest potential!


After 14 years backpacking around the globe, followed by 14 years in business, I've combine all of the programs, methods, teachings and experiences together, along with my passion for nature and meditation, to shift into living a full expression of our abundant soul-led life and to manifest the abundance of your big picture vision.

  • If you want to know more about my story, check out my co-authored book Rebirth!

Through 1:1 coaching and group programs, I'm here to serve. Whether you desire to expand your current capacity, create your soul-led business, or take everything to the next level in your life, I look forward to discovering what's possible for you and solidifying your strategy to accelerate.


And remember, if not now... then when?!


Everything begins with a thought and a single step forward...

Yvette F.

Yvette Fulton Coaching

Melissa R.

Melissa Marie Consulting

During our sessions I found myself sinking in and getting more in touch with what it was I REALLY wanted. All the fluff fell away. Heather's conversation has a way of bringing clarity into the blind spots that have been getting in the way.

Misha A.

Spiritual Success Coach, Breatharian Healer & Modern Shaman

Heather had no idea what we subject we were going to talk about but that didn’t even phase her. She asked great questions that got me thinking & gave me some exercises to do. I really liked how she was friendly & compassionate but still able to ask the questions that needed to be asked. I highly recommend Heather!!

Cathy M.

That Gut Chick & Zyia Activewear

I asked to do this with my partner as we are both on a spiritual journey at the moment with a big vision we are manifesting. Heather really got us digging deep and had us getting to the core of what’s truly important to us and why. She led us by asking powerful questions and leaving space for us to dig deeper inward.

Jenna F.

Confidence Cheerleader

Let's Connect...


Book your free Abundance Now Breakthrough Session where we will:

  1. Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate business and income success.

  2. Uncover the hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success with increasing your income and living in abundance.

  3. You’ll leave the session renewed, energized and inspired to finally do the things that successfully builds your business and create the income you desire.

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