In Flow with Abundance

5-Day Journey ✧ September 13-17

Re-energize your Life & Business

SEPTEMBER 13-17, 2021

Join this free 5-day journey where you will engage simple yet potent tools & energy shifts to re-energize, re-focus and emBODY the flow of abundance in your life and business.


Are you ready to:


Clearly know, own and embody YOUR truest desires - not those of the collective?

Engage embodiment to create potent content unique to you & the moment?

Unhook from mental constructs that keep your desires at arms length?

Share from your deepest genius?!


 It's time to stop creating from habit, memory, beliefs and story and use the systems, structures and processes (the masculine) to support you in activating new ideas, creations, and content (the feminine) that are unique to you?!


This is for you if you are feeling uninspired by the copy & paste scripted templates in the online marketing space and ready to create something more magical!


Are you ready to release the templates and create from a deeper place of connection, possibility, and abundance?

What you will learn...

  • Unhooking

    Releasing yourself from habits, stories and programmed beliefs and standing on your sovereign ground.

  • Core Connection

    Strengthening your core connection with movment, breath & superfoods as part of your business plan

  • Conscious Creation

    Activating the unexpected in marketing & connection, without scripts, templates or copy & paste.

  • Energy & Alchemy

    Shifting and clearing energy as you live into a deep truth rather than a memory

  • In Flow with Abundance

    Embodying abundance in mind & body to bring balance between the structure & the flow in your business.

  • Hot Seat Coaching

    Live hot-seat coaching to dive deeper into the unhooking, alchemy and embodiment

Why this Challenge is for You...

✔︎ Be more energized and in flow with conscious creation in your business


✔︎ Receive fresh, new ideas and upgraded processes & messaging


✔︎ Create more cash flow through the services you offer, allowing the structure to support the flow

✔︎ Call in energetically aligned clients and opportunities - in unexpected ways


✔︎ Be more present, clear and healthy in your body, mind and energy


✔︎ Create new marketing & messaging that is unique to who you are, and who you are becoming!

We meet live daily at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK.


If you are unable to join in live, don't worry - you can catch the replay and I'll be available throughout the week to connect with you, answer questions, etc!

Everything begins with an idea and a single step forward...

I found myself sinking in and getting more in touch with what it was I REALLY wanted. All the fluff fell away. Heather's conversation has a way of bringing clarity into the blind spots that may have been getting in the way.

Misha A.

Heather really got us digging deep and had us getting to the core of what’s truly important to us and why. She led us by asking powerful questions and leaving space for us to dig deeper inward.

Jenna F.

Heather has the gift of getting to the true heart of the matter and empowers me to stay present. She helps me to pull myself out of my thought patterns and stay present with what is happening. I've gained clarity in situations where I was too enmeshed to see my way out of.

Sonya W.