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Heather is a fantastic instructor who knows how to guide her clients through the exercises with ease and flow. I felt safe and nurtured through my session. The work itself is powerful and quite intense, which requires a safe container - something Heather is well equipped to provide.

Matilda N.

I learned techniques to supercharge my energy field, something I had forgotten to at this level of power. Heather is a superb teacher and I felt at ease, enjoyed the lessons with her and how thorough she was with instructions in the sessions. I was relaxed and in flow upon completing the hour.

Carol Moxam

I always feel free and at easy right away when working with Heather. This Quantum Flow session was absolutely transformative. I feel different after just one session. Areas I felt were difficult to get to were released in a natural flow.

Misha A.

Quantum Flow with Heather was a wonderful way to get in touch with what's going on inside. She explained the process clearly and was compassionate, calm and knowledgeable. I was amazed at how quickly the method raised and released energy. I highly recommend Heather, a warm soul who cares about the well-being of all.

Amanda C.

I hadn't heard about Quantum Flow before and Heather did a great job explaining how it encompasses many modalities. throughout the session, Heather ensured that I went at my own pace and checked on how I was doing. I haven't done a lot of exercise in quite a while so this was an awakening for my body.

Natalie M.B.

Before we started Heather asked if I felt anything was holding me back & I talked about some struggles with confidence and the phrase ‘I am strong’ came to mind. She incorporated this into the session and movements... it felt very natural and left me feeling empowered & strong. 

Michelle D.

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