11 Stories of Real Women Who Re-Invented Themselves, Renewed Their Life Force & Rose From The Ashes​

In Rebirth, real women from all walks of life take us on their exceptional and sometimes, disturbing journeys, full of unquenching hope, valour, and resilience.


Rebirth is the quest of 11 spirited women who beat incredible odds and summon up the courage from deep within their soul to reclaim their lives.


This book reveals real life examples of never giving up.


    Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down. It resinated with my entire life story in one way or another. I have a new zest for life now, just the thought of me not being alone struggling with my life in this world opened up a new chapter in my life and the energy I thought was gone is now re-energized me, thanks to every women that told thier story, I can now focus on my ever changing path and rise above the ashes.

    ~ Wendy Meerveld

    I felt like I was reading my own story, so many parallels, and I'm sure it will resonate with many more women (maybe a few men too?) who spend their lives under a huge weight of past failures, and struggle to find any success 'out there' in spite of doing All The Things, the courses, the e-books, the free trainings...

    ~ Yvette F

    The chapters are filled with honesty, vulnerability, courage, and humility. Thank you for sharing your true. I really enjoyed every story.

    ~ MC

    Although these women all come from different places, and face different challenges, I found myself echoed in some way in each and inspired by how they all recognized they had the power to be more inside of them and tapped into it. 

    ~ Jan

    This book is so well written it had me quickly scrolling so engrossed with the information. These women are so powerful and it made me think of my 2021 goals and how I’m going to continue to empower myself and other women.

    ~ Nicole Chambers

    The women in this book have brought heartache to healing in a beautiful way. Each story brought an insight and resonated with the hope, faith and dreams.

    ~ K Cartright